Thursday , February 2 2023
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Asian Hornet

There are many threats for bees, but one that beekeepers are to be vigilant for is the Asian Hornet. Whilst there have been reports of the Asian Hornet in other countries, in the past, it has come to our attention that there may be a possible sighting in the South East. Beekeepers need to report any sightings to the GB Non Native Species Secratariat alert email address at immediately.

You can also send a suspect sample to the NBU laboratory for examination if possible. Use a suitable sturdy container (cardboard rather than plastic) and provide as much detail as possible about the hornet and where you found it.

The message to Beekeepers from the NBU is as follows:

  • Monitoring for arrival is strongly encouraged throughout the UK, but especially in areas where likelihood of arrival is considered to be highest (S & SE England);
  • Make sure you know how to recognise Asian hornets – a very helpful ID sheet can be downloaded  or you can visit the NNSS website.
  • Know where to report sightings:

To protect bees from invasive threats it is important for all beekeepers in England, Scotland and Wales to sign up to Beebase

Further details about the potential sighting can be seen at Asian Hornet possible sighting

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