Thursday , February 2 2023
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Beekeeping Equipment Checklist

If you are thinking of taking up beekeeping, then our equipment checklist is the place to start! Check out the checklist below… a list of basic equipment to get you started in this fantastic hobby!


  • Protective clothing such as a bee suit, veil and gloves will help keep stings to a minimum, if they are worn correctly. We recommend latex gloves and a pair of marigolds, to help prevent bee stings. They are also more hygienic, compared to the traditional leather gloves, as they can be disposed of. This reduces the spread of disease between colonies.
  • Smoker: Releases a cool smoke that settles the bees.
  • Hive tool: This is designed to open the hive and lift frames from the hive to inspect.
  • Hive stand: Is placed at the bottom of the hive and is used to elevate the hive and improve air circulation.
  • Hive floor: Is placed on top of the hive stand and has a mesh bottom to help monitor of varroa levels.
  • One deep hive body for the brood chamber with 11 deep frames and foundation.
  • Three honey supers each with 10 frames and foundation.
  • Queen excluder: A grid that keeps the queen from entering and laying eggs in the supers.
  • Crown board.
  • Hive lid.
  • Feeder: Use a feeder to provide bees with supplemental feed such as sugar syrup when stores are low and to help build up for winter.

We recommend that you also join a local beekeeping association and gain knowledge from experienced beekeepers. They will help to guide you on equipment selection and you may even be able to borrow association equipment such as honey extractors.

Happy beekeeping.