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Beekeeping FAQs

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Getting Started

Getting Started

[two_thirds_last] [accordion class=’accord1′] Beekeeping is a seasonal hobby therefore the time varies with the seasons. In the middle of winter there is practically nothing to do, except to occasionally check for physical damage or snow blocking the entrances. The busiest time is the early summer when each hive should be checked weekly to stop swarming and add supers. This need take no longer than a few minutes when you get the hang of it.
[button url="" target="" size="small" style="limegreen" icon="" popup="" title=""]The Beekeepers Year[/button] You can spend a small fortune if you buy everything new and buy everything possible. In practice in the UK a second hand hive with bees cost around £50-70 and your local association might do you a good deal as a new member. A new bee suit and veil will be between £40-£100 the other bits and pieces if you buy new such as smoker, gloves etc should come to less than £100. The most expensive piece of equipment you will want within a year or two will be an honey extractor and these start at around £150 up, most associations will allow you use of a shared extractor. [/accordion] [/two_thirds_last] [gap size=”20px”]
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Bee Equipment

[two_thirds_last] [accordion class=’accord1′] Smokers come basically in two sizes, large and small and are manufactured in three types of metal…
[star_list] [list_item]Tin plated steel. These are the cheapest option but they tend to only last a couple of seasons.
bullet[/list_item] [list_item]Copper. These are more resistant to corrosion but has a tendency to get easily dented.
bullet[/list_item] [list_item]Stainless steel. These are the best but tend to be more expensive.[/list_item] [/star_list] We have used a number of smokers over the years and would recommend buying the Large Stainless Steel type. We found this better option as the number of hives increased.
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