Thursday , February 2 2023
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Winter Preparations

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again where we need to start preparing the bees for winter.  We have been feeding the bees sugar syrup for a few weeks now but couldn’t believe it when the bees dived into the solution as I was topping up the feeders. This hunger may …

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Varroa Treatment

As soon as the honey crop is removed, it’s time to start thinking about treating the colony for varroa mites. We use Apiguard on most of our hives and this should be used outside the period of major nectar flow, as Apiguard can taint honey. The external temperature should be above 15°C (60°F), …

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The Beekeeping Year

The following list is an example of a beekeeping year for people in UK latitudes. MONTH ACTIVITY January Check roof and entrances of hives for blockages by leaves or snow February Check hives for food, feed as necessary. Keep inspection time to the absolute minimum March [list_item]Change/clean floor[/list_item] [list_item]Continue to …

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