Tuesday , September 27 2022
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Swarm control


There is a potential that swarming could occur earlier this year due to the fantastic weather we’ve had so far! Having inspected a hive today the bees had already started building queen cells, so we carried out an artificial swarm. An artificial swarm involves walking away from the site to …

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At last we have some good weather that is enabling bees to get out and forage.  However, please make sure that they have a supply of water nearby. On the downside, bees are swarming so keep watching for signs of this happening. We inspected one hive and found 8 capped …

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Introduction to Beekeeping 13 July

Well done to everyone that survived the heatwave today and spotted the unmarked queen. Whilst we shouldn’t complain that we finally have good weather, it was too hot for us wearing the bee suits! On the plus side, it means the bees can go out foraging. I spent another 3 …

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Artificial Swarm Control

Artificial Swarm Control By carrying out an artificial swarm procedure you can benefit from another colony and possibly prevent your bees from swarming. There are many methods of doing this but this method is most probably the easiest and most straightforward. This method can also create another colony without affecting …

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