Thursday , February 2 2023
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Early Detection of the Asian Hornet

Beekeepers please remember that this is the time of year at which exotic species of predatory hornets will begin to emerge from hibernation and establish new colonies. The Asian hornet, Vespa velutina has increased it’s range in continental Europe and continues to pose a threat of arrival and potential establishment in the UK and we therefore need to keep it out. The message from the NBU is as follows:

• Monitoring for arrival of mated queens is strongly encouraged (NB. Southern coastal counties of England).

• Consider hanging hornet traps (See attached sheet about Asian hornet homade traps and baits.).

• Key message from NBU – Spring trapping works; at this time of the year, the queen hornet will be flying about in search of sugary substances to raise her energy levels after hibernation.

• Know how to recognise Asian hornets (See attached file How to identify an Asian hornet.).

• Know where to report sightings:

• Register on BeeBase.


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