Thursday , February 2 2023
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Varroa Treatment

As soon as the honey crop is removed, it’s time to start thinking about treating the colony for varroa mites. We use Apiguard on most of our hives and this should be used outside the period of major nectar flow, as Apiguard can taint honey. The external temperature should be above 15°C (60°F), …

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The Beekeeping Year

The following list is an example of a beekeeping year for people in UK latitudes. MONTH ACTIVITY January Check roof and entrances of hives for blockages by leaves or snow February Check hives for food, feed as necessary. Keep inspection time to the absolute minimum March [list_item]Change/clean floor[/list_item] [list_item]Continue to …

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Beekeeping Equipment Checklist

If you are thinking of taking up beekeeping, then our equipment checklist is the place to start! Check out the checklist below… a list of basic equipment to get you started in this fantastic hobby! Checklist We recommend that you also join a local beekeeping association and gain knowledge from …

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At last we have some good weather that is enabling bees to get out and forage.  However, please make sure that they have a supply of water nearby. On the downside, bees are swarming so keep watching for signs of this happening. We inspected one hive and found 8 capped …

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Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Thanks to everyone who came on the Introduction to Beekeeping course today. Following on from the requests today we will be looking into doing further & more advanced courses. Watch this space for more details.

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Beetight software

Beekeeping software that enables you to monitor your beehives. It can be used on the web, iPhone, iPad or on an android. I have used this software for a while now & find it really useful to keep a log / diary of what’s happening in my hives.  

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