Thursday , February 2 2023
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Varroa Treatment

As soon as the honey crop is removed, it’s time to start thinking about treating the colony for varroa mites. We use Apiguard on most of our hives and this should be used outside the period of major nectar flow, as Apiguard can taint honey.

The external temperature should be above 15°C (60°F), which means that the colony should be active. Distribution of the Apiguard gel depends on the bees transporting it around the hive during hive cleaning. This activity increases as the external temperature rises.

There are other products available but they must be approved –FERA – Varroa   Click on “Managing Varroa” for guidance.

FERA guidelines state that you must:

  • Keep accurate records of what treatments you give your bees, including all relevant details such as dates, dose, product name and batch number. In the event of a later problem, this legal requirement is your proof that you acted properly.

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